The back story behind Back Story Publishing

What does one of the nation’s best sports editors and top columnists do once he retires?

Play golf. Sure, some. Play with his grandchildren? Yes, of course.

But Bill Dwyre, for a quarter of a century the award-winning Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Times and for nine more years a Times columnist, wanted to do something to bring young people and reading closer together.

“Too many kids spend way too much time looking at screens of all sizes and types and playing games where one side tries to blow the other side away. How does that help them mature?”

He considered several options, but came back to the unifying power of sports and the inspiration found in the stories of athletes who made themselves a success regardless of where they started.

“We all have challenges in life, that goes without saying,” Dwyre explains. “It’s what you do with your situation that determines success or failure. In sports, we find people from all colors, all creeds and all countries who have persevered, who have worked hard and made lives they only dreamt about years before.

“We want to let kids know that they can succeed too, and they can learn how others did it by reading.”

Dwyre carefully pieced together a team of experienced players like a manager of a baseball team, each with specific strengths to contribute to the project’s overall success. Back Story Publishing was finally founded in April, 2017, and within six months, will release its first book, “Hard to Heart: How boxer Tim Bradley won championships and respect.”

“It wasn’t easy, but we’re on our way,” said Dwyre. “Tim Bradley is a great example of a combative young man who became much more as he matured and made the right choices. It was a pleasure to tell his story as our lead-off title.”

Back Story Publishing now has more success-story books for younger readers in development. For adult readers, a unique memoir of one of the great eras in baseball history will be coming soon from All-Star slugger and later broadcaster, Ron Fairly.

Back Story books are available in paperback and digital editions and are available wherever better books are sold.