Testimonials for “Hard to Heart”


“Timothy Bradley was never the most talented fighter in the world, but his ability to maximize his talent and reach the pinnacle of his sport gained him widespread admiration. Bill Dwyre’s wonderful writing touch brings Bradley’s inspirational story to life.” ~ Dylan Hernandez, sports columnist, Los Angeles Times

“Bill Dwyre takes us step by step through the life of world boxing champion Tim Bradley from early childhood school suspensions to fame and fortune. Much of the credit belongs to Tim’s tough-loving parents whose firm discipline set their fist-fighting son on the path to success.” ~ Bill Caplan, veteran boxing publicist; member, Boxing Hall-of-Fame

“This is a story about a brilliant athlete who never gave up, written by a master story teller!” ~ Jerry Izenberg, columnist emeritus, The Star-Ledger

“Timothy Bradley’s story is an inspiration. Tim just happened to be a little boy who was a very talented fighter. He used this talent to defend himself as a kid … and perhaps to fight a bit more than necessary just because he was so good at it. Ultimately, he grew into a mature, disciplined athlete who demonstrated that professional fighting is a true commitment. He is an example of a tenacious person who triumphs not only over opponents in the ring, but also over injustice and sometimes defeats. He is an example of how a person can retain a positive attitude by finding his passion and striving to be the best. Also, he shows that a good fighter knows when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to stand up for his beliefs without using fighting words. Tim works to make himself better, his sport better, and his community better. As a kid, he overcame bullying by being a great fighter, and as an adult he became a better fighter by being a great human being.” ~ Tascha Folsoi; teacher, New Open World Academy/Los Angeles Unified School District; teacher/librarian, 21 years, LAUSD

“Do you remember the first time you heard the roar of a lion? No one had to tell you what it was. You just knew. As you read HARD TO HEART, and you hear the punches with the roar of the crowd, no one will have to tell you—you will know it is the story of a world champion.” ~ Teddy Atlas, boxing trainer and ESPN fight commentator

“You have heard the story of “The Little Engine That Could.” I now read HARD TO HEART and learn how a little boy who couldn’t control his anger learned that he could—and grew up to be champion of the world.” ~ Teddy Atlas, boxing trainer and ESPN fight commentator

“Tim Bradley proves you can be a great champion and a great man. That’s a rare combination. He’s an athlete we can look up to … and he’s a boxer!  The Tim Bradley in the book shows how to be a father, family man and champion.” ~  Ron Shelton, Oscar-nominated film director and screenwriter, Bull Durham, Tin Cup, White Men Can’t Jump, Cobb, The Best of Times


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