Bill Dwyre and Ron Fairly on the Late Dick Enberg

Sportscaster Dick Enberg died at his home Dec. 21 at 82.  Back Story Publishing CEO and former LA Times sports editor Bill Dwyre wrote a tribute to Enberg in the Dec. 22 LA Times.  Within the body of the column, Dwyre told one of the stories that readers will see in the soon-to-released book “Fairly at Bat: My 50 years in baseball, from the batter’s box to the broadcast booth.”

Ron Fairly, the longtime Dodgers star and 30-year veteran of baseball broadcasting, writes of that in his soon-to-be-released memoir, “Fairly at Bat: My 50 years in baseball, from the batter’s box to the broadcast booth.”

Fairly writes that he was a newbie to the booth when the Angels put him on a series of telecasts with Don Drysdale and Enberg.

“Enberg got me started,” Fairly said Friday. “He told me, first, that it might be more difficult to do the color commentary than his play-by-play. He said if he called a play like: ‘There’s a ground ball to shortstop, who goes deep and to his right, plants his feet and fires to first, where the throw is dug out,’ I shouldn’t say the same thing. I had to avoid repeating that. So, I remember talking about how the shortstop had to position his feet to get to the right spot. It was my first lesson, and I never forgot.

“He also told me to keep my comments short, and he showed me how to keep a proper scorebook, so I had everything in front of me for quick response. He was a great teacher, a great person.”

Did he have any McGuire stories? “Oh, yes,” Fairly said, “but I can’t repeat any.”


Read the entire LA Times column by Bill Dwyre.

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