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Fairly at Bat by Ron Fairly, with Steve Springer, is a memoir of a 50-year career in baseball, from his years with the Dodgers through his nearly 30 years as a baseball broadcaster.  Images and information for editorial and promotional use:

(1) Cover: (download): 388 x 600 pixels (by Gary Ambrose; Credit: Gary Ambrose/Back Story Publishing)

(2) Ron Fairly as a Dodger c.1960 (download): 813 x 1000  pixels (Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers).

(3) Ron Fairly, after a game-winning RBI, is congratulated by winning pitcher Sandy Koufax in 1962 (download): 816 x 1,000 pixels.

(4) Ron Fairly as a Montreal Expo, where he became an All-Star in 1973 (download): 796 x 1,000 pixels.

(5) Fairly at Bat Press Kit (download): About the book, chapter titles, testimonials, questions to ask Ron Fairly (PDF format).


Hard to Heart by Bill Dwyre shares the story of how boxer Tim Bradley won championships and respect.  Images for editorial and promotional use:

(1) Cover: (download): 388 x 600 pixels (by Chris Farina; Credit: Chris Farina and

(2) Tim Bradley vs.  Manny Pacquiao 2012 (download): 619 x 500 pixels (Credit: Top Rank)

(3) Tim Bradley vs. Juan Manual Marquez 2013 (download): 1,000 x 701 pixels (Credit: Chris Farina/Top Rank)

(4) Tim Bradley, WBC Champion (download): 667 x 1,000 pixels (Credit: Top Rank)

(5) Father & Son: Ray Bradley and Tim Bradley during training (download): 1,000 x 710 pixels (Credit: Top Rank)

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