Tom Hoffarth/Daily News Book Review “Fairly at Bat”

Great “Fairly at Bat” review by Daily News sports reporter Tom Hoffarth, “Fairly’s tales hardly run afoul.”

A review in 90-feet or less: We were fairly certain that a book by Ron Fairly about his playing and broadcasting life in baseball, in the hands of  Steve Springer’s keyboard, would not go afoul.
To no surprise, it didn’t.

All expectations were met, and probably moreso, when you consider the 50-year span Fairly had in the game – 20 as a player starting with the Dodgers and ending with the Angels,  and 30 more as a broadcaster before his official retirement in 2016 — provided plenty of material to cull from. All it needed was some time to flesh out and organize and, viola, a book.

Complete review:

Day 7 of 30 baseball book reviews for 2018: Fairly’s tales hardly run afoul

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